Parabolic Movement Expected this Week?

Bitcoin has been somewhat stable without its usual display of high volatility in the last 48 hours. BTC keeps swinging within a range of prices.

some crypto analysts believe that the king of coins would soon showcase its usual high volatility feature, which could end up being retrogressive of its present price status.

Bitcoin investors, especially those with bags full of the digital asset perpetually dream of daily price increase, while traders don’t always care about where the price goes, but only on their short term gains with technical strategies

Bitcoin is taking a lot longer, and this is a possible sign that its next move could be plunging devastatingly below or surging significantly above. This has severally come to play, and same could still apply in regards to its price movement.

About two days ago, it took Bitcoin a very short while to gain relatively $1,000 in a historic parabolic price movement, which made BTC climb to around $10,300 from about $9,200 price level.

Although Bitcoin has been stable for quite some time, but some crypto analysts still envisage on possible price lows. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $10,492.68, with 1.56% price deficit in the last 24 hours.

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