Home Knowledge base Why does Trading view show me different information than crypto-signal?

There are a number of reasons why the information crypto-signal provides could be different from the trading view

and the truth is we have no way to be 100% certain of why the differences exist.

Below are some things that affect the indicators that may differ between crypto-signal and trading view.

  • trading view will have more historical data and for some indicators this can make a big difference.
  • trading view uses a rolling 15-minute timeframe which means that the data they are analyzing can be more recent than ours by a factor of minutes or hours depending on what candlestick timeframe you are using.
  • trading view may collect data in a way that means the time periods we have may not line up with there,
  • which can have an effect on the analysis.
  • This seems unlikely to us, but stranger things have happened.

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