2) Question: Cryptocurrencies keeps crashing and then rising. Is there cause for concern?

Cryptos are eerily volatile, and the challenging part is that they’re so correlated that it’s hard to hedge against cryptos within crypto land. However understanding their fundamentals as well as technical analysis (reading charts) could protect you from BTC/ETH’s adverse swings. (Read more: Dangers in Cryptocurrency Investing)

If you want to learn fundamental analysis, you will have to read the white paper of coins that you want to invest. It will explicate all the details about the coin its purpose and how it works. A word of caution, white papers are highly technical and would be hard to understand for the masses. As part of assessing market sentiment and understanding fundamentals too, you can also install reddit in your mobile and join crypto subreddits (like /r/EthTrader or /r/CryptoMarkets/). (See more: A Guide To Fundamental Analysis In The World Of Cryptocurrencies)

For technical analysis, you can learn from various online sources the basics. A good example is Investopedia : http://www.investopedia.com/university/technical/


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